Mura CMS+

Mura DXP


Content Management
Responsive drag & drop layouts X X X
WYSIWYG editor X X X
Form Builder X X X
Reusable content components X X X
Custom navigation creation X X X
Related content (across sites) X X X
Multi-device preview X X X
Versioning X X X
Batch upload X X X
Content Staging X X X
Batch Publishing & Rollback X X X
Flexible content types X X X
Structured & non-structured approvals X X X
Document Management
Document and file management X X X
Content expiration & notification X X X
File check-in/check-out X X X
Content assignments X X X
Content Personalization
Personalize by account, industry and ideal customer profile   X X
Add personlaization to any platform and connect experiences   X X
Personalize by persona, buying stage, referrer and more   X X
Serial storytelling via audience-specific narratives and calls-to-action   X X
Trigger experiences via content consumption, 1st and 3rd-party data   X X
Sync experiences with CRM and Marketing Automation   X X
Live content audits by audience and content type   X X
Site Management
Multi-site support X X X
Site member and admin user pools X X X
Group-based permissions X X X
Site/Module/Page-level permissions X X X
Caching X X X
User Registration X X X
Oauth Support (Google & Facebook enabled login) X X X
Section 508 accessibility compliant X X X
GDPR compliant X X X
Core Anlaytics (if approved) X X X
Call-to-action and conversion metrics   X X
Content-performance metrics   X X
Content scoring & engagement   X X
Audience & buying stage-specific metrics   X X
Content campaign metrics   X X
Revenue attribution   X X
Funnel/Journey velocity   X X
Google Analytics X X X
Google Data Studio X X X
CRM (Salesforce) X X X
Marketing Automation (Marketo, Mautic, Silverpop, Autopilot)   X X
Or anything with an accessible API   X X
Complete API X X X
Supports Popular Javascript Frameworks & Libraries (Vue.js, React.js, Node.js, Ember.js) X X X
CSS Framework Support (Bootstrap, Foundation, and more) X X X
Immutable architecture via Docker Containerization X X X
Supports a complete DevOps workflow from local machine to git to staging to production X X X
AWS/S3-ready X X X
Highly flexible and extensible—build business apps leveraging mura core X X X
Headless, Decoupled, Coupled and Hybrid Content Delivery X X X
Deploys on Tomcat or other Java servlets X X X
Supports Mysql, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle databases X X X
Container-ready (Docker) X X X
Email X X X
Portal X X X